Rapid prototyping -3D printing & scanning

Over thinking this post

Additive printing has been a huge part of my arsenal of tools for rapid prototyping, but until not too long ago it was through third-party services.

A few months ago, I added FDM printing to my services capabilities, the Snapmaker A-350, a three in one 3DPrinter, CNC mill and Laser cutter. Allowing for simple models and part printing, seal cutting, and simple part milling.

With my ongoing collaboration with Z-Axis Engineering, SLA print capabilities (Formlabs printer) are also available.

And now I have added 3D scanning Capabilities. With the Revopoint scanner, I can scan small-sized models with an accuracy of 0.3mm for simple reverse engineering.

And while I would love to show all these in some of the delivered items, sent to clients, those are proprietary, so a pic of my face scanned, and my daughter, scan of her face turned 3D keychain, we played with.

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