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or a start-up with a mechanical based product? Too small/ early to have an on-board product manager?
A well-established company working on a project? Want to check your assumptions? Missing a product guy for a time?

I offer these services and many more, tailored to needs, budget and time constraints



Dealing with a mechanical based product? Need an experienced engineer to help you move through the paces?
From concept to future disposal of obsolete product or replacement parts, I can help you through it all, with design to cost always in mind, appropriate to the product’s current stage.

Maybe you need full service? Let me take all mechanical design issues off your hands and provide you with full turnkey service, managing all mechanical aspects so you don’t have to deal with them.
I offer these services and many more, tailored to needs, budget and time constraints



I offer an independent & confidential evaluation and Due Diligence services fully customized to client objectives, criteria and tools, based on my experience as an expert evaluator for the IIA and VC’s, and an entrepreneur.

  • Company (IP, marketing, Biz. Dev plans)
  • Product & Product market fit offering
  • Technical & feasibility studies
  • Innovation analysis
  • Product life-time cycle
  • International & local standards identification

For investors, VC’s, start-ups and established companies

I offer these services and many more, tailored to needs, budget and time constraints

My Story

A fool can throw a stone in a pond that 100 wise men can not get out.

Saul Bellow​

Well not if you hire the right engineer for the job.

I believe in technological solutions and human ingenuity, harnessed to solve our problems!

Growing up in Tel-Aviv, I wanted to build cars, race cars, or motorcycles. Growing up I found out I have a knack for fixing things, and so I went and studied Mechanical engineering at the Technion.
Post-graduation, I sought to build those cars, but having no car industry in Israel at the time I went for the next best thing, Aerospace! For nearly a decade I did product & engineering, from system to parts level, involving heating & cooling stuff per customer specification, mostly for airborne & military applications.
When the big boom of the clean-tech world started, I left the airborne business to try and make the world a (slightly) better place.
Since, I have been keeping busy working as C-Level management and entrepreneur, first in a start-up in the solar Combined Heat and Power through Concentrated Photo Voltaic, then founded a start-up that developed a hybrid air conditioner for private homes working both on heat and electricity, followed by energy-efficiency Agro-tech start-up, that developed new breed of cultivation centers, bringing controlled augmented natural light to the plants in a climate-controlled space.

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