Solar impulse has reached 500 chosen solutions:

sol 500

Solar impulse has reached 500 chosen solutions:

and as an evaluator, some of the solutions were checked by me 😊

The solar impulse foundation is an activity I volunteer for as it fits with my long term , healthy Earth philosophy, unlike the start-up ecosphere which I belong to, to reach the approval and badge from the institute, you don’t have to be extraordinary ground breaking, but incrementally beneficial.

From my perspective it will require both ways at once, reach for the skies and huge benefits development through start-ups, expand the use of the small steps available daily through mass use of existing tech through NGO’s, governments, and other large bodies.

Most important, through this channel, offer solutions for BOP’s (Bottom of Pyramid people), better small solutions to those that need it more.


The amazing inspirational:

if you choose to open just link from the list, make it this one!


Curious to know more? Some of my favorites in the energy field include:

Solar replacement to candles, can anyone tell me how many lives have been lost due to candle fires?

To large scale:

Re-liquefying solution for LNG transport, reducing transition losses.

Out of the box combinations:

wind and solar power producing all in one? 😊 anyone?


Some Israeli pride (have not seen all the solutions, so probably more of them received the badge):


Some solutions that correspond to my personal history:

A simpler variation of my ill launched Cannpany endeavor, combining power and agricultural plots.

Small sized ORC, in Linum systems we developed on ORC cycle that I still believe in still and probably forever.

Another cooling solution powered by heat, a different solution from my ORC work in Linum Systems, but same important principle and goal, utilizing low grade heat to produce cooling.

CPV is not dead yet, in 2007 In Di.S.P we made parabolic solution for co-generation of power and heat, this is a much simpler in many ways trough solution, not a huge believer, but nice to see some people still working on the idea.


I am both happy, proud, and hopeful.





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